Total Sale  

Ren | 2014

The Total Sale is an extraordinary journey into the life of antiquarians and vintage buyers.

Over the course of the week, viewers watch as things which at first sight might look like garbage, are sold and bought with some serious money. Three teams of antiquarians visit the apartments, garages and offices of different people — from simple workers to show business celebrities — with only one goal — to find and buy any extraordinary things which they can later resell at a flea market or to regular customers. Real experts join the show to help find on the dusty mezzanine a real rarity and tell the difference between trivial old junk and potentially valuable goods. The buyers include people of various interests — from an owner of a commission shop on Rublyovka buying up luxury items to an architect or a designer searching for extraordinary things and making custom-built furniture. In addition to searching and buying of vintage goods, there is also a game element present in the Total Sale — the viewer learns how this tough world of antiques works and sees — arguably for the first time on the TV show — the real deals with real money in front of the cameras.