Ren | 2011—2012

Crime series about an everyday life of a Moscow-based criminal investigation department.

Two teams of detectives led by lieutenant colonel Remizov investigate serious crimes. In each episode, there is a new case for the investigation team to work on. The protagonist of the series, lieutenant colonel Remizov, can’t boast a soft character and good manners. As a kid he was a street hooligan himself which helps him to understand the criminal psychology better. Remizov drinks, curses and trusts no one. An unexpected twist in the series is that Remizov never visits the scene of the crime personally — he guides all the investigative actions from his office but is always the first to figure out who the criminals are. The crimes investigated by the team are also unobvious. For example, a small story such as a stolen python from a zoo may during an episode turn into a big criminal plot involving jewelry smuggling and murders.