Exchange of the Household Appliances  

Perets | 2012

A game show in which for every correct answer the contestants exchange their old household appliances for new one.

The show takes place and is filmed in real apartments of the contestants. The contestants can exchange two items. In the first part, for the two correct answers out of three they can exchange something smaller such as a kettle, a microwave over or a blender. While in the second, four correct answers out of five will bring them home a new fridge or a washing machine. Contestants can exchange whatever they want as long as it is fine with their household. During the game, they have 20 seconds to consult with them. If there are not enough correct answers, the contestants will have to give away their appliances. At least those they wanted to exchange. The questions may be about anything: from literature to geography or high technology.


Над программой работали:

Alex Kulichkov