Honey, We’re Losing Our Kids  

Ren  | 2013

Series in which parents are shown the consequences of poor parenting.

In Honey We Are Losing Our Kids, parents who are tired from constant scandals with their children and who don’t know what to do, turn for help to an experienced psychologist. Oleg Sus is a consulting psychotherapist, an author of several books and educational courses. In each episode he helps one family. After a detailed examination and exposure of hidden problems of a child, the members of a family have three weeks to perform nine tasks. Depending on the situation, there may be any tasks: the survival school, the school of good manners, yoga, the sand therapy, a strict diet or a tough regime. What’s important is that as a result all members of the family can see each other in a new way. The presenter and the family are joined by nutritionists, stylists and trainers to help the participants keep a healthy relationship despite any hardships, fears, grievances and tears.


Над программой работали:

Oleg Sus

Oleg Sus