Let’s Try  

Ren | 2010—2011

Five girls try to win the heart of one man with their cooking talents and prove that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

The contestants have only three chances to win. First, each girl comes up with an original menu which can attract the attention of the man right away. The second chance is given during a romantic evening where in addition to cooking and menu, the contestant can work her charm and try to establish a contact with a potential husband. And finally, the last chance for all the contestants is a festive dinner organized by the man himself. Once all dinners and dates are over, he has to choose a girl who will go on a romantic trip with him. But the winner always has an alternative option — if she doesn’t like the man, she can refuse to go on a trip and take the money.


Над программой работали:

Peter Shingarev

Peter Shingarev