Driving School. Season 1  

Perets | 2013

«The worst ones stay, the best ones leave». The first reality show where one can learn to drive.

All eleven contestants are very different: among them is an old but active retired woman, a member of the pop group «Mobile Blondes», a master of ceremonies and even a school teacher. What unites them are numerous failed driving tests. Guided by driving instructors, the contestants will learn to maneuver at the school site and drive out to the city without fear. The most successful students will get a chance to finish their studies earlier while losers will have instructors punish them with particular sophistication. For example, in one of the days the poor students will have to perform the slalom exercise on a tractor with chickens. At the end of each week the selected A-students are sent to pass the driving tests while the others continue to scratch their bumpers, knock off obstacles and confuse the left with the right.