GT Academy  

Rossiya 2 | 2012—2014

Young people get a chance to train on a race track and try hand in driving a race car.

GT Academy is a show for those who whole life dreamt of becoming a race driver. The contestants who pass the initial selection on a computer simulator head to the real track where they spend one month undergoing various tests. At the end of each week one contestant goes home while the last and the only winner gets a contract with Nissan Nismo team and an opportunity to perform in Formula 3 class. GT Academy is a popular British format successfully adapted in Russia. The first season of the show aired in 2012, the second — in January 2014.


Над программой работали:

Anna Kosterova

Anna Kosterova

Presenters season 1

Daniil Move

Anna Kosterova

Anna Kosterova


Roman Rusinov

Presenters season 2

Vitaly Petrov

Presenters season 2